About Us

Kindy Glow is a local skincare brand which is a sister brand of KLEVERU, both are owned by PT Mermel Ayu Kosmetindo. Kindy Glow exists as a friend who can help nourish the skin of Indonesian teenagers. Therefore, Kindy Glow’s products are formulated with premium ingredients at a reasonable price.

Kindy Glow carries a fun and playful concept by using a monster-shaped mascot named “Monstar”. Monstar is a star-shaped monster which represents a friend for teenagers in Indonesia to always take good care of their healthy skin. The main color of Kindy Glow is a derivative of lavender purple to radiate a friendly impression.

Kindy Glow believes that what is shown on the outside is the radiance from within. Therefore, Kindy Glow’s tagline is “Kind Inside, Glow Outside”. Kindy Glow not only pays attention to the effectiveness that is visible on the outside, but also cares about the importance to the health and safety of the skin from within. This is proven by BPOM certificate as an absolute standard for the safety of Kindy Glow’s products, as well as the use of high quality ingredients for effective results and can be enjoyed in the long term.